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Tomás Tomás

[collab NVS + OSTRA]

28/10/2023 - 16/11/2023

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In a one way trip, I put my feet on the ground. On the way down there are multiple obstacles, a jump to the unknown.
The words no longer sound good. There’s a misfit in the symphony, it is required to go back to basics.
It is important to highlight that you first enter with your right foot and then your left foot (remember this).
There’s no longer hope in the current state, the days go by as fast flying clock hands, and the difficulties are grand.
The shoelaces are untied, the knot should be tied twice, not just once.
As in a large system, where the air is polluted, large clouds of smoke. Ruins of time that were once the city lines.
the best option is… the difficult descent...

…everything has returned to its rhythm, the piano notes sound like a large theater full of life, the plants have grown again, the clock no longer rings, there’s no one in the audience.
Tomás Tomás
 October 2023 


"Tomás Bargão introduced me to Tomás Tomás, and Tomás Bargão came into the picture because he was brought along one day by Juan Perdiguero Trillo (the Spaniard). Later, Bargão left and returned, bringing Manel Brito, who lived in the Netherlands, and then Tomás Tomás invited Vasco Cunha, who was in Caldas.
This is how things work at NVS Lisbon, that corner in Chelas that we discovered through Emma Andretti, a friend who helped to establish this project. In a similar fashion, Joaquín Biglione, a friend I met in Bica, connected with Bartolomeu Santos, the director of Ostra, and collaboration started from there.
Today, we are here to present Tomás Tomás’ first solo exhibition.
I wanted to pause and focus on this invisible part that contributes to making things happen. In Chelas, we found a sanctuary that allows us to create, rest, self-educate, think, and rethink what we call art. This is what has been happening recently in Chelas, and here at Sola a Solo, the culmination of conversations, discussions, and shared times is represented. This exhibition is a manifesto of what can be achieved with very little, working together.
P.S. In much the same way, Tomás Tomás invited other friends, Leonor Ulrich and Tomás Marreiros, to document the experience in Chelas and provide sound for the exhibition."


translation Tiago
October 2023
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