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Hugo Cantegrel

curated by Jule Kurbjeweit 

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Following on the heels of postmodern theoretical discourse, Hugo Cantegrel’s practice acknowledges the relative nature of truth – the fluid border between reality, its interpretation, and fiction. A wide range of media is connected by the same unified scope and distinctive playful language. Everyday occurrences are transformed through the curious usage of materials

to create the unforeseen aesthetic experience and subsequent intellectual engagement. The physicality of the artwork thus becomes a relic of the artist’s process of investigation into the essence of things;meaning, on the other hand, is modified through unexpected juxtapositions. These contrasting flows of visual, discursive,
and metaphorical representations are results of the speculations; speculations
on memories, future environments and unpredictable human actions. In this way, Cantegrel’s appropriated images and twisted bodies of various materialities constitute an exposition of rigid uniformities and contemporary ambiguous conditions. Hugo Cantegrel (Paris, 1991) graduated from Central Saint Martins (London) in 2015. He now works and lives in Lisbon.

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