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Francisca Pinto

curated by Mariana Lemos


MAY 22nd
4pm to 8pm


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[22.05.24 - 16.06.24]

Francisca Pinto's first solo exhibition opens Wednesday 22nd of May in Lisbon.

'Vaivém' depicts flirty feet, birds peering out of shadows, whispers or kisses painted onto canvas and ceramics. It is a site of unfixed narratives addressing themes of intimacy and exploring time as a transformative agent. In these images, moments overlap and create a vaivém - a back-and-forth - between interior and exterior space, real and imagined, past and present. This reflects how meaning shifts and shapes over time, like a pendular movement between representation and perception.

Francisca Pinto (b. Vila do Conde, Portugal, 1995) studies at the Royal Academy Schools in London.

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