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Sofie Amalie Andersen
Thyra Dragseth


JULY 4th
4pm to 8pm


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[04.07.24 - 25.07.24]

Thyra Dragseth (1993) is a Norwegian visual artist. She lives and works between Lisbon and Oslo from where she is currently attending the MFA program at the National Art Academy. She has previously studied at Belas Artes Lisboa, and at the Oslo School of Art Photography. Between 2021 and 2023 she co-founded and ran the curatorial project Lars Lisboa in collaboration with Joana Oliveira. Dragseth works multidisciplinary with photography, film, text, and installation. Having the camera at the core of her practice she uses different mediums to reflect the conceptual framework of specific projects. Her works often arise from her own lived experiences and perception, becoming pieces of translated reality. In this sense, Dragseths work relates to the ethical landscape of artistic methodology – how to handle other people's perspectives and shared memories. She often collaborates with both colleagues and non artists, implementing collaboration itself as a method for further reflection in her practice. Important key words that follow her practice are interpersonal relations, violence, memory and trauma, belonging and alienation. 


Sofie Amalie Andersen (1989) is a Danish visual artist. She is educated from the Malmö Art Academy (MFA 2021) and Oslo Art Academy (BFA 2018) and in 2022 she participated in the Maumaus International Study program in Lisbon. Besides her own artistic practice Sofie Amalie Andersen is the director of the exhibition space SOL in Nexø (DK), from where she has been curating and organising exhibitions for a number of international artists since 2019. Andersen works with a broad range of materials and mediums – from sculpture and installation to text, graphics and film – investigating the relations that occur when certain objects and/or statements are presented to each other. Her composite bodies and linguistic confrontations reflect her own dubious questions regarding the reality of today. She often merges traditional artistic techniques with industrial DIY aesthetics, provoking an increased awareness of the interlaced material, emotional and linguistic structures that surrounds us. In her work she stresses moments of fragility, tension and ambiguity, which, in her view, are key concepts of life itself.


With their meeting point at the National Art Academy of Oslo, Sofie Amalie Andersen and Thyra Dragseth have collaborated in various ways for years now, as both curators, teachers, artists and friends. They maintain a deep fascination and knowledge of each other's practice and they share a common interest in themes such as human relations, mental health, love and competition. With their newest project Marbles, they have embarked on a journey together, exploring physical as well as psychological tension both in and around the production of a collaborative artwork.

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